Acute Providers

For hospital clinicians RIVIAM offers a secure digital referral management solution on NHS N3 that improves the workflow and management of patient referrals.

The need to cope with soaring demands

Hospitals are facing unprecedented demands with increasing numbers of patient referrals, too few staff and squeezed budgets. Current processes are under pressure using dated technology. There’s a pressure cooker created by the need to manage these referrals within a timeframe, assess them accurately and allocate them to multiple speciality departments each with different patient information systems. Use of new digital technologies and improved management of patient information is widely recognised as one way to reduce this pressure.

Integrated online referral management

RIVIAM’s digital referral management services are designed to make the communication and management of referrals between GPs and provider clinicians quicker, easier and more efficient driving better decisions and outcomes for people.

RIVIAM provides a secure software as a service offering that enables you to deliver integrated referral management.

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