Beacon UK deploys RIVIAM for secure referral management to mental health services

Beacon UK chose RIVIAM’s Secure Referral Forms, configurable micro websites, hosted by RIVIAM, which present patient referrals in a standardised template which can be easily and safely completed and shared with NHS systems.  

RIVIAM enables Beacon UK to reduce the amount of paper-based referral information received mitigating any potential information governance issues caused by misuse or loss of patient information. Use of the Secure Referral Forms speeds up the referrals process and creates efficiencies.

BEMS uses RIVIAM Pathway Hub for their Focused Weekend Working community service covering a population of 200,000 patients

RIVIAM uses an innovative approach to extract referral information from GP clinical systems in BEMS’ federated network of 26 local GP practices and import this directly into RIVIAM using generated templates.

Approximately 40 referrals each week were proactively selected to be referred to Focused Weekend Working by the GP practices and each flowed into the system in this way. Having managed 2,162 referrals for the FWW service over 15 months, the benefits to BEMS of using RIVIAM’s Pathway Hub are clear.