For Charities and Voluntary groups

For charities and voluntary groups, RIVIAM offers secure digital services that provide an easy and cost effective way to improve the way you work with health and social care partners.


The need for a community approach

Providing health and social care for unprecedented numbers of elderly people, and those subject to long-term, complex illnesses like dementia, means a new, revitalised community-based approach is needed. Voluntary groups and charities have a critical role to play but are often resource constrained with legacy IT systems. Bringing together diverse, complex IT systems and successfully and securely sharing information across organisations and with different professionals is hard. There’s a need to keep costs to a minimum whilst empowering clinicians with all the information they need to make decisions and deliver care on the go in the community. Secure management of patient data is critical.

RIVIAM enables information to flow so partners can work better together

RIVIAM’s secure digital services can be used to provide front line professionals with mobile and web access to a single view of the digital care record and referral information, all meeting NHS information governance standards. Clinicians have controlled access to relevant information wherever they are and can work safely, quickly and easily updating case notes and outcomes in near real time.

A shared care record

With RIVIAM secure access to the care record can also be extended, with consent, to partnering organisations that deliver additional support services. Our services are designed to be flexible, interoperable and cost effective enabling charities and voluntary groups to work in a new way to improve patient care.

RIVIAM supports a federated approach to delivering care enabling you to work better together with your partners in the NHS.

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