Community Providers

For community providers RIVIAM offers digital services that provide them with a secure and cost effective way to manage referrals and to deliver new, innovative community services.

It’s hard to respond to patient’s needs whilst saving costs

A new model of delivering health and social care is emerging. This requires nurses, community health services, specialists and others to come together to provide people with integrated community-based care. Bringing together diverse systems and successfully and securely sharing information across organisations and with different professionals is hard. There’s a need to keep costs to a minimum whilst empowering clinicians with all the information they need to make decisions and deliver care on the go in the community.

RIVIAM offers a way forward for community care

RIVIAM’s referral management solution enables referrals to be managed and shared with clinicians in the community quickly and efficiently.

RIVIAM’s community management services can be used to support a mobile and web-based pathway service which supports digital referral, effective multi-agency integrated community care, secure messaging, outcome management and digital discharge. Everyone authorised to do so can access referral information and a single view of the digital care record where and when it’s needed. They have access to the same up-to-date information and can work safely and easily together delivering the best care and updating case notes and outcomes in real time.

RIVIAM’s services can be integrated with current clinical systems and applications so information can flow easily, and they offer all the security required for operating within the NHS network.

We provide the technical architecture so you can build capabilities that enable community care to flourish.

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