Desktop Connector

What is RIVIAM Desktop Connector?

GP Desktop Connector is a secure windows application that sits on a GPs desktop. It allows them to log into RIVIAM and safely share patient information to authorised service providers.

Why use them?

By providing the secure connection with NHS patient systems, RIVIAM enables patient information to be easily, quickly and safely exchanged online with those who need it to make decisions

Who uses them?

The Desktop Connector is used by GPs so they have an easier, friction free way of communicating with providers.


Digital NHS

The GP Desktop Connector provides a flexible, secure way for GPs, and users of GP systems, to share information with other health and social care organisations. This breaks down information barriers and improves the speed of decisions and delivery of care.

Save time

GPs can share information quickly online. They don’t need to rekey anything and provider clinicians have all the information they need to make decisions without asking GPs for further input.

Save costs

Reduces costs by enabling organisations to make the best use of resources and build on information within existing systems through RIVIAM.


A GP can register with RIVIAM and link authentication with TPP or Emis Web so they only have to log in to their primary system. They can send a complete patient record to RIVIAM in support of a referral or a wider care pathway, and can load referral forms directly to the service.


Data is encrypted at all times with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements.

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