Digital Care Record

What is a RIVIAM Digital Care Record?

A RIVIAM Digital Care Record is a secure micro website providing a single, real time record and view of the care provided to a patient.

Why is it a good idea?

It provides authorised clinicians with everything they need to know about an individual’s care in one simple, secure space. They can stay up to date and in touch, add events, manage and share documents, and record outcomes whilst respecting consent.

Who uses a Digital Care Record?

Digital Care Record is a core service that underpins all RIVIAM services. It provides the transparency and flexibility that allows health and social care organisations to realise the full value of secure information sharing. The Digital Care Record on its own can be used by Charities and Voluntary Groups as a secure care record.


Secure access to the Digital Care Record can also be extended, with consent, to partnering organisations. This means different disciplines can see the same patient information and deliver additional support services.


New models of care

Everyone providing care for an individual – whether they are in a clinic or in a person’s home – has access to all the relevant information they need in one place to make faster, safer clinical decisions. They can easily record and share their interventions, collaborating with other authorised professionals so care is responsive and timely.

Save time

Everyone benefits from the speed of sharing and receiving information digitally. It’s quick for GPs, school nurses, social workers and others to share referrals and other information to the record. Busy care providers can access referrals easily and securely wherever they are and record their actions.  

Save costs

Faster, digital information sharing reduces costs for everyone; there’s no need to print and send paper referrals and letters, and clinician’s time is optimised because they can make faster decisions.


All users in the community can search for and create patients. They can see the patient’s history of consultations, referrals, documents, events and contacts.


RIVIAM’s mobile capabilities enable clinicians with an Internet connected device to access information about the patient on the go and to create, share and record their own notes and outcomes following a patient consultation. Authorised clinicians can easily upload documents to the record. It’s possible to automatically deliver a discharge into connected clinical systems.


Mobile security is integral to RIVIAM and our clever authentication capabilities mean that it’s possible to have more than one user per mobile device accessing the Digital Care Record. Consent for sharing information is recorded and controlled within the service, and can be withdrawn at any time. Data is always encrypted with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements.

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