For Individuals

RIVIAM is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your healthcare data.

Your data is safe in our hands

RIVIAM supports some of the NHS’s most critical services. We are trusted to deliver the highest level of security and to meet NHS approved governance standards.

If you are making a self referral to an NHS service which is supported by RIVIAM, your information is passed securely through RIVIAM directly to our customer’s IT system. It is encrypted at all times. You will receive an email from RIVIAM so you will know when your referral has been successfully and securely received by the NHS service.

Your data is safe and secure with us at all times. We take your privacy very seriously. Our strict governance controls mean we audit and control access to your data so only those people authorised to receive it, see it and act on it can do so.

Have a say in your care

When clinicians use our services in the future they will be able to share your care record and treatment plan with you, and family members or carers you authorise, so you can see, contribute and have a say in your care.

This is part of our vision to deliver the latest and best technology to improve people’s lives: enabling you to have access to your health data is a critical part of this.

When you see healthcare professionals using RIVIAM you’ll know your data is in safe hands.

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