GP Systems

RIVIAM is part of NHS Digital’s GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) interfacing programme and has developed transactional interfaces with EMIS Web and TPP Systm1. These interfaces work using RIVIAM’s Desktop Connector Windows application. The Desktop Connector allows RIVIAM to communicate with the GP systems locally via the logged in user in the practice. This allows a user of the Desktop Connector to:

Only sign-in once. RIVIAM checks to see if the user is logged into the GP system and automatically logs them into RIVIAM. This stops the age old problem of having to login into multiple systems.
The GP has to actively press a button to share information with RIVIAM. At this point RIVIAM confirms that consent has been provided to share the patient record.
The Desktop Connector app fully encrypts the patient record and sends it to RIVIAM cloud for processing. RIVIAM records who has shared the record and the compliance to NHS Digital’s information governance requirements.
Finally, RIVIAM is able to send information back into the GP systems. The Desktop Connector is able to write directly into the patient record.

GP Connect

RIVIAM is part of GP Connect. This is the next generation of GP system interoperability with NHS Digital through the GP Connect interface.

RIVIAM is connected to the NHS MESH system. We will soon be connected to the NHS mini-SPINE allowing RIVIAM to verify patients against the core patient record.

We support the use of NHS approved HL7 CDA standards and HL7 FHIR / JSON openAPIs to provide a flexible method of interfacing.

Interoperability is central to RIVIAM’s capabilities.

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