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We get asked a lot of questions about how our services relate to programmes and initiatives with NHS Digital. Hopefully this will help…

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What's happening to the GP Systems of Choice contract?

The GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) is the contract owned by NHS Digital that procures services for GPs in England. It’s generally recognised that the GPSoC contract hasn’t been successful in bringing new services and technologies into the GP space.

The GPSoC contract finishes at the end of March 2018 and has been extended by 2 years. A new procurement is underway now called GP Futures. GP Futures is a great opportunity to allow companies like RIVIAM to provide innovative Services to the NHS.

What's GPSoC IM1?

IM1 is a requirement in the IM1 contract that requires GP system suppliers to interface with third party systems. There are three kinds of interface:

  1. Transaction Interface (RIVIAM is compliant with)
  2. Bulk download
  3. Patient facing interfaces (RIVIAM is approved for)

We have been working for the last 3 years as part of the IM1 group. The service allows RIVIAM to provide the tight integration that is does with GP Systems.

What's FHIR and can RIVIAM do it?

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a way of exchanging information between computer systems. It’s owned and managed by HL7, a not-for-profit organisation that defines and manages international standards for exchanging health information.

In 2017, NHS Digital took a decision to move away from a previous HL7 standard (called CDA) and standardise on FHIR. For many vendors of health care systems this will be a big change.

RIVIAM has started to integrate FHIR into its services. Recently using FHIR as part of eReferrals. Over the coming years FHIR will be come the standard for sharing information.

How does RIVIAM use MESH?

MESH is NHS Digital’s service that allows files to be delivered between two organisations. It plays a critical role in allowing GP systems and providers to communicate.

RIVIAM uses MESH to deliver documents to GP Systems.

What's GP Connect?

GP Connect is NHS Digital’s strategy to provide a method of interacting with GP systems using an API (application programming interface). GP Connect isn’t a clinical administration system but a way of interfacing. Over the coming years this service will becoming increasingly important.

Today, access to GP systems is mainly achieved by interfacing with each GP System. RIVIAM has those direct connections with GP systems.

RIVIAM will integrate GP Connect’s functions as they become available over the coming years.

eReferrals API

eReferrals is the NHS Digital service used to manage referrals between GPs, Patients and mainly Acute hospitals.

RIVIAM has developed a set of interfaces with eReferrals that allow referrals to be received and processed by RIVIAM. In the coming year (2018) RIVIAM will fully integrate with eReferrals as the APIs allow.

This integration is important as it allows RIVIAM to receive and create eReferrals to use as part of NHS Services. This means that RIVIAM can give providers the ability to work with eReferrals without the large investment of full patient administration systems.