Pathway Hub

What is the RIVIAM Pathway Hub?

RIVIAM Pathway Hub is a digital service which supports digital referral, more effective joined-up multi-agency care, secure messaging and digital discharge.

Why is it a good idea?

As well as supporting mobile working for clinicians in the community, the flexibility of RIVIAM’s Pathway Hub means it can be configured to support different pathways and models of care.

Who uses the Pathway Hub?

It can be used by any provider setting up modern community services and needing a cost effective, flexible way of enabling information sharing between different professionals delivering care in the community.


New models of care

RIVIAM’s Pathway Hub provides an easier, digital process for managing referrals, organising sessions and clinics, booking appointments, sharing information and digital discharges. It allows organisations to work together to deliver new models of care.

Save time

Busy clinicians have access to the Digital Care Record and the most up to date information they need to work quickly, effectively and safely with others to provide a great service to patients.

Save costs

Costs are saved by better workflow management, the reduction in the need to print and send paper-based information, and by empowering clinicians with better access to the information they need where they need it.


RIVIAM Pathway Hub allows data to be securely extracted from GP and other NHS systems and shared with clinicians delivering care on the go. Referrers can manage clinics, sessions and appointments and assign clinicians to sessions. Referral information can be shared via a set of easy to read digital forms that are allocated against each appointment.


Authorised clinicians working in the community using mobile devices can see their diary and  appointments. They can review all relevant consultations and contacts on their patient’s Digital Care Record, see a journal of related events and the referral information. They are able to add notes, video and images to a consultation, and they can quickly and easily share information with other authorised clinicians and digitally discharge patients. The discharge is issued in real time straight to the GP’s system and is Transfer of Care compliant.


Mobile security is integral to RIVIAM and our clever authentication capabilities mean that it’s possible to have more than one user per mobile device accessing the Digital Care Record. Consent for sharing information is recorded and controlled within the record, and can be withdrawn at any time.

An integrated document reader provides the ability to download a document from RIVIAM and securely read it, so data is always safeguarded. Data is encrypted at all times with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements.

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