Pathway Management

RIVIAM’s pathway management services are designed to provide a flexible, cost effective way for health and social care organisations to work together to deliver new models of care.


Delivering high quality community-based care requires nurses, community health services, specialists and others to share information quickly and easily so they can work together effectively. It’s critical that patient consent for information sharing is part of this process.   

It’s hard to seamlessly and securely share information across organisations often with different legacy IT systems.

There’s a need to keep costs to a minimum whilst empowering clinicians with all the information they need to make decisions and deliver care on the go. Modern cloud technology provides a solution.


RIVIAM’s pathway management services are a cost effective and secure way of plugging the gap between current clinical systems and applications. They enable information to flow across partners, including the NHS, enabling better communications and the delivery of new models of care.   

RIVIAM is flexible and fast to deploy. It offers all the security required for operating within the NHS network, and provides the mobile capabilities needed for community-based care.

Digital Care Record       Pathway Hub       Shared Care Plan

RIVIAM enables mobile working and delivers the outcomes health and social care organisations need to work better together: transparency of information; trust in data security; and cost effective integration with existing IT systems.

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