Primary Care GPs

RIVIAM secure referral management and pathway services help GPs move towards a paperless NHS and greater practice efficiency. They help reduce your workload and to join up pathways with other healthcare sectors to improve care for people.

Huge pressure on GPs

GPs are supporting a growing, ageing population often with complex health conditions. You have to juggle more appointments and more records everyday. To save time you need to be able to share your assessment of a patient’s needs as quickly as possible with provider clinicians so they have all the information they need without coming back with further questions. To deliver modern, new services a federated modern approach to delivery is needed, underpinned by technology.

Digital solutions

End unnecessary time spent on completing referral information

RIVIAM’s digital referral management services are designed to make the communication and management of referrals between GPs and provider clinicians quicker, easier and more efficient driving better decisions and outcomes for people.

Create new GP-led community services  

RIVIAM’s Pathway Hub provides mobile and web capabilities for digital referral, secure messaging, digital discharge and outcome management. These capabilities transform the way GPs can work together with other organisations to provide innovative GP-led community services.

RIVIAM helps GPs move towards a paperless NHS and greater practice efficiency.

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