Digital Postbox

What is RIVIAM’s Digital Postbox?

RIVIAM’s Digital Postbox is a single web form which enables users to submit digital documents such as referral letters, documents and images directly into RIVIAM’s Secure Portal.

Why is it a good idea?

The Digital Postbox collects the core set of patient details including NHS number, surname, first name, date of birth and post code

Who uses the Digital Postbox?

A broad range of referrers, including those who aren’t on the NHS N3 network (e.g. school nurses, social workers) can securely send in documents and data to clinician and administration teams.


Digital NHS

The Digital Postbox provides a secure way for community based referrers to submit additional referral documents safely. This breaks down information barriers and improves the speed and quality of care.


Save time

The Digital Postbox saves administrators time as they no longer need to receive, scan or retype paper documents.

Save costs

RIVIAM enables the seamless flow of additional referral information bringing efficiency and cost savings to everyone involved in the process.      


Referrers submit one or more documents (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images and PDF) into the Digital Postbox. Within seconds of the file(s) being uploaded, they are available on RIVIAM’s Secure Portal. The Secure Portal is a secure online space for health and social care clinicians and administrators to receive and manage patient referrals. Referrers receive an email confirming their submission including a reference number and a link to download a referral receipt. If more information is required, referrers can easily re-submit new or revised documents by using the original reference number.

RIVIAM automatically assigns uploaded documents to their associated referrals. Clinicians and administrative teams can easily search for the submitted files in the Secure Portal using the created reference number or the patient’s name.


RIVIAM’s Digital Postbox provides a secure method of sending in sensitive patient records. All documents are virus checked before they get uploaded into the Digital Postbox, thus providing central protection from any attacks.

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