Secure Portal

What is RIVIAM Secure Portal?

A RIVIAM Secure Portal is a secure online space for health and social care clinicians and administrators to receive and manage patient referrals from any number of people and referring organisations. The portal also enables professionals to quickly and easily share notes against a referral and communicate with each other.

Why is it a good idea?

It’s an easy to use, secure digital solution for integrating all patient referrals, including eReferrals, in one place, enabling them to be easily and efficiently assessed and managed.

Who uses a Secure Portal?

Referrers can use a Secure Portal to create and send referrals, configuring the referral form to meet their exact requirements.

Clinicians can log in to have quick access to all the information they need to assess and action referrals.

Administrators can easily see and manage the flow of referrals and get management information about performance.


Digital NHS

RIVIAM Secure Portal enables better workflow. It improves the transfer and management of care for people who benefit from an improved experience. It provides a more efficient process for clinicians alerting them to waiting referrals so no one slips through the net.

Save time

RIVIAM works in real time and reduces any wasted time spent sending or faxing paper referral information. RIVIAM’s approach means the right information is captured in the initial referral removing delays experienced by clinicians going back to referrers to confirm information to make decisions.

Save costs

By linking with existing patient management systems RIVIAM enables the seamless flow of referral information bringing efficiencies and cost savings to everyone involved in the process.      


RIVIAM Secure Portal builds on the capability of Secure Referral Forms and allows completed referral forms to be available immediately in the portal. Referrers can load supporting documents and images and can send messages to clinicians. They don’t have to be on NHS email to have secure access to information.     

Clinicians can easily search for patients. They can see the patient’s record within RIVIAM and see all relevant referral activity with one click . They are able to review referrals, accept or re-allocate them to other specialities or back to administration for action.

Administrators have access to dashboards so they can see and track referrals, report on KPIs and don’t have to use emails as alerts.


Referrers and providers who are not on the same email service can exchange information securely without using Internet email. The portal integrates a document reader so a document can be downloaded from RIVIAM as a PDF and securely read. Data is encrypted at all times with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements. RIVIAM also provides a full audit of interactions to show who has accessed what information.

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