Secure Referral Forms

What are Secure Referral Forms?

RIVIAM Secure Referral Forms are configurable micro websites, hosted by RIVIAM, which present an organisation’s patient referral forms in a standardised template.

Why use them?

They are a cost effective and secure way of enabling sensitive referral information to be completed and shared by patients and professionals online, removing the need for sharing paper forms whilst also ensuring data completeness.

Who uses them?

A broad range of referrers, including patients, GPs, social workers and school nurses, can use Secure Referral Forms to make referrals quickly and easily.


Support the digital NHS

Using RIVIAM anyone connected on the Internet, or via the NHS networks, can submit referral forms about patients and service users, removing the need for paper forms, supporting the paperless NHS agenda.

Save time

RIVIAM’s Secure Referral Forms save clinicians time because they don’t need to chase or retype information; a full set of information can be easily be collected and shared with the initial referral. Clinicians can make decisions and assess patients needs more quickly.

Save costs

Better digital workflow management creates efficiencies, reduces workload and banishes paper, all saving costs.


RIVIAM provides a bridge between the Internet and the secure NHS N3 network. This enables sensitive referral data to be delivered directly and safely to service providers. Submitted information is converted into a PDF document and delivered to a single NHS email address within minutes of the form being completed.


To ensure data security, the form can only be downloaded from the NHS N3 network in accordance with strict requirements. Data is encrypted at all times with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements.

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