Shared Care Plan

What is the RIVIAM Shared Care Plan?

RIVIAM Shared Care Plan is a digital service which will allow different authorised organisations to share a Digital Care Record and see the same information about a patient’s history and care needs.

Why is it a good idea?

It enables a community of different health and social care partners to work together to deliver cross-community care in the most effective way. Information can be accessed and is shareable only between members of the community and the information is kept safe at all times.

Who uses the Shared Care Plan?

Shared Care Plan can be used by community providers and local authorities wanting to deliver a federated approach to delivering care. It’s ideal for situations where there is one governing organisation that wants to run a service working with other independent partners.


New models of care

With a Shared Care Record new, cost effective community care services which maximise the contributions and resources of all partners can be devised. It enables a community of care providers to work well together to deliver a great service to patients. No one falls through the net and individuals can receive more personalised care.

Save time

Everyone within the care community benefits from being able to see a single view of the care provided to an individual, and from the speed of sharing and receiving information digitally.

Save costs

Faster, digital information sharing reduces costs for everyone; there’s no need to print and send paper referrals and letters. Clinician’s time is optimised because they can make faster decisions.


All authorised users in the community can search for and create patients. Clinicians can see the patient’s history of consultations, referrals, documents, events and contacts and thus be informed before they meet with a patient.


RIVIAM’s mobile capabilities enable clinicians with an Internet connected device to access information about the patient on the go and to create, share and record their own notes and outcomes following a patient consultation. Authorised clinicians can easily upload documents to the record. It’s possible to automatically deliver a discharge into connected clinical systems.


Consent for sharing information is recorded and controlled within the service, and can be withdrawn at any time. Access to carers and people receiving care can be enabled with the Patient Portal option. Data is encrypted at all times with the highest standards which meet NHS requirements.

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