Our vision is for health and social care professionals to be empowered with the information they need wherever they are working to improve care and lives.
The health and social care industry has not been touched by the rise of digital technologies in the same way as other industries have.

The barriers to information sharing and adoption of technology to improve and personalise care are just difficult to overcome. But our ageing population and the UK macroeconomic environment is forcing the need for change.

We want to see a health and social care world which is far more connected through better information flow. This will transform and reorganise ways of working and models of care provision.

In this new world sensitive data about people can be shared securely amongst health and social care professionals with consent and involvement of individuals. We have created RIVIAM to deliver this future.

Our values underpin our vision and strategy.


Our values


Improving people’s lives

We deliver digital services that help our customers improve people’s lives.

Delivering trust and security

In everything we do security of data is central to our thinking. If it’s not encrypted we want to know why. 

Technology leadership

We seek out the latest and best cloud technology and deploy it in the delivery of health and social care.

Being customer focused

Our long experience in health and social care is valued by our customers. We are agile and responsive to our customer needs.
RIVIAM provides a platform for innovation and is a driving force in how consent and information rights are managed.