RIVIAM is designed using the best modern Internet technology.

We provide digital services that meet the needs of today’s changing health and social care environment. Organisations using RIVIAM benefit from the ease of sharing information, and, importantly, the connection with existing clinical patient management systems and NHS Digital services. RIVIAM supports the ability for multiple organisations to work better together and for professionals to access information wherever they need it.

Our significant experience in health and social care means you can trust us to deliver. Our customers tell us our knowledge of how to implement effective solutions and our ability to act quickly makes all the difference.


Operate in
the cloud

RIVIAM’s cloud-based platform delivers a secure and flexible way for you to access our referral management and pathway services.

Deliver new models of care

RIVIAM’s pathway management services support referral, session and discharge management enabling you to deliver new pathways and models of care.

Provide access to information on the move

RIVAM’s digital services are designed to work on the move in the community. Our mobile and web technologies allow flexible, new services to be designed and delivered quickly across partners.

Improve the quality of your service

RIVIAM’s referral management services deliver better administration support for referrals.
RIVIAM helps you improve the quality of your service and deliver new models of care.

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