Wellbeing service

Enables healthcare, Local Authority and third sector organisations co-ordinate care in a seamless, efficient, secure way
Wellbeing service

Healthcare, Local Authorities and third sector organisations are stepping up to the challenge of helping people stay well during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they don’t have an efficient digital way to co-ordinate a response.

They are reliant on IT systems that don’t interact with each other, ad hoc use of insecure social media and phone, email and spreadsheets to share information.

This lack of digital maturity and interoperability introduces delays, knowledge gaps, duplication and risks – all of which impact the care provided.

RIVIAM’s Wellbeing service enables different healthcare, social care and third sector partners to work together in a seamless, efficient and secure way, co-ordinating care about people.

How RIVIAM helps

  1. Requests for help can be received and processed on the internet or via call operators.
  2. Authorised partners can work together in RIVIAM to co-ordinate care and actions across a community, with a full audit of who did what, when and for whom.
  3. RIVIAM manages a user's access rights so organisations from multiple sectors can work across a single patient record.
  4. RIVIAM dashboards show demand and make it simple to manage the progress of requests across different services.
  5. A list of clinically vulnerable people can be added to RIVIAM to allow easy identification.
  6. A single view of all activities about a person and their care is presented based on the case received.

Watch this video about how the Wellbeing service helps multi-agency working.

“​People want to see agencies working well together so their care is co-ordinated and organised without the need for repeating information and duplication.

We're really excited that our RIVIAM Wellbeing service means healthcare providers can now include the local council and third sector organisations in their co-ordination efforts to provide care across a community.”
Paul Targett, RIVIAM's Managing Director

Problems solved by RIVIAM's Wellbeing service

Managing demand

Managing demand

Removes the need to track cases in spreadsheets and on whiteboards. Provides a single view of all cases and their status for each pathway

Single view

All partners can see a single view of a case and all activities related to a person

Single view

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