Referral Management services

Speeds up the delivery of care for people
Referral Management services

RIVIAM's Referral Management services provide an interactive digital experience for referrers as well as save time and create efficiencies for providers receiving and managing referrals.

The service offers:

  1. Secure Referral Portals that are designed and branded to match your needs and which present online referral forms and questionnaires to capture referral information.
  2. A Service Directory so referrers can easily identify and choose the care services they wish to refer to.
  3. Workflow to enable referrals to be managed and co-ordinated.
  4. An Email Processing service that can read emails directly from NHS accounts and automatically process the email and its attachments securely into workflow queues.
  5. Auto-update of clinical systems to create efficiencies in the workflow, reduce duplication and save time.
Email Processing Showing Laptop And Pathway

Example Workflow

“Using RIVIAM has meant we have a secure way of enabling everyone who needs to make a referral to us to be able to do so quickly, easily and safely.

This includes those who don’t have secure NHS email such as school nurses, voluntary workers, parents, carers and individuals themselves.”
Stuart John Chuan, Deputy Clinical Director, Simplify Health ((the organisation which previously partnered with Forward Thinking Birmingham)

Problems solved by RIVIAM

Secure Referral Portals

Secure Referral Portals

Allow referrers to provide and share sensitive referral information online

Service Directory

Enables professional referrers and citizens to easily identify services they wish to refer to and then make a referral

Service Directory

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