What we do

Every day in the NHS, people's lives are being improved because RIVIAM provides a secure platform and services for co-ordinating care
What we do

With RIVIAM, our customers make better use of their resources, build on information within existing NHS systems and deliver joined-up care with integrated information.

Referral management services for co-ordinating care

Secure Referral Portals, Service Directory and Email Processing services all enable health and social care organisations to receive information from referrers efficiently and work better together co-ordinating care most effectively. Secure Referral Portals provide a modern digital experience for people improving access to care services.

Supporting collaboration across sectors

With RIVIAM's Multi-agency Referral hub, multi-agency care can be extended to include the local council and third sector organisations where everyone authorised to do so can access care pathways and a shared care record, communicating seamlessly with each other.

Discharge service launched in spring 2023

In 2023, RIVIAM introduced our Discharge service as an enhancement to the Multi-agency Referral Hub.

This enables people fit for discharge on Acute wards to access community services more easily. A Discharge Dashboard and care control centre gives hospital teams confidence about support arranged for quicker discharge decisions, freeing up beds.

New Patient Portal

This year in 2024, we are launching a Patient Portal that allows patients to book appointments and take control of their care improving their experience whilst reducing the number of missed appointments.

“​People want to see agencies working well together so their care is co-ordinated and organised without the need for repeating information and duplication.

We're really excited that RIVIAM's Multi-agency Referral Hub service means healthcare providers can now include the local council and third sector organisations in their co-ordination efforts to provide care across a community.”
Paul Targett, RIVIAM's Managing Director

Delivering care efficiently

Since 2018, our Immunisations eConsent service has enabled providers to co-ordinate a digital, paper-free immunisation programme increasing team productivity and reducing costs. In 2023 alone, RIVIAM processed 1.6 million eConsents for our customers.

“Parents have also told us that they like the new online consent form as they find it quick and easy to complete online.” Suzy Mason, Team Leader at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust's School Aged Immunisation Nursing Team
“Using RIVIAM has enabled us to reduce the amount of time our team spends triaging consents by over 90%. This is a significant saving that we can reinvest in our immunisations service. ” Charlotte Forward, Professional Lead 5-19 Public Health Nursing & School Age Immunisations, HCRG Care Group (formerly Virgin Care)

Providing NHS integration

Our technology connects with existing NHS and clinical systems such as TPP SystmOne™ and EMIS Web whilst enabling new care services.

We also offer services that provide digital efficiencies such as Document Delivery into GP systems, secure Email Processing of emails directly from NHS accounts to RIVIAM, a GP Portal and mobile working.

Being cost-efficient

Ensuring our software as a service provides value for money is critical and our services are priced to meet the needs of health and social care providers.

Providing software support

RIVIAM focuses on customer success. We are committed to building long term customer relationships and always go the extra mile to solve any issues. Find our more about our customer support.

“RIVIAM gives us a safe, digital and cost-saving solution without which our ability to deliver Improved Access for people of B&NES would have been much more difficult.” Dr Andrew Smith, BEMS+

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