RIVIAM fulfils the promise of new models of care

RIVIAM enables new models of care to meet the changing demands for providing health and social care services in the 21st century.

Health and social care commissioners are facing unparalleled challenges from rising demand for services, an ageing population and a real-term reduction in funding.

Between 2011/12 and 2015/16 there was a 10% increase in NHS Trusts and a 10% reduction in local authority (social care) funding as reported by the NAO.

How RIVIAM helps

RIVIAM is a cost effective, secure platform that provides a common way for health and social care providers to manage and co-ordinate care. At its heart RIVIAM is providing a record about the person that can be managed via a pathway. We've focused on how we can help primary and community care providers improve the way they manage referrals and make decisions about what care is required.

There are a number of ways we do this:

  1. RIVIAM's referral management and workflow services enable the transformation of clinical administration hubs / single points of access.
  2. To enable better community working, RIVIAM's mobile community service provide clinicians with the information they need on the move.
  3. Finally, our experience and commitment of working with GP practices means we've focused on building strong digital integrations with GP and NHS systems.

We want to hear from you

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