Who we help

Our goal is to help people receive better, co-ordinated care and to act as a 'digital bridge' to enable this
Who we help

Our focus is about ensuring information is used as an asset to improve the quality of care being provided and enable people to live better lives.

The flow of information is our lifeblood. Ensuring information about a person gets to the right place at the right time, securely, is what we do.

We help health and social care providers improve the way they manage information about people in their care. To do this we focus on three areas:

  1. Service centres - Providing our referral management and workflow services to providers to transform how they receive and manage referrals in hubs and co-ordinate care.
  2. GP and community new models of care - Supporting new models of care between GP practices, providers and people receiving care, with a focus on GP system integration.
  3. Citizens - Providing ways for people who are receiving care, and their families, to interact and be part of their care.

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