Patient Portal

Enables patients to take control of their care and reduce the number of missed appointment slots
Patient Portal

RIVIAM's Patient Portal enables patients to book and manage their own healthcare appointments improving their experience whilst reducing the number of missed slots.

Efficiency for healthcare providers is improved through auto management of appointments and costs are reduced through digital patient correspondence.

The service offers:

  1. Patient Portal for patients to book, cancel and re-book their own appointments and access clinic letters within moments rather than days. Designed with a focus on optimum accessibility and sustainability, this is available as a web app or a downloadable app on iOS and Android devices.
  2. The platform for providers to manage referral waiting lists as well as patient engagement and communication about their appointments.
  3. Interfacing with clinical systems that use the HL7 Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) interface, including TPP SystmOne™ and compatible Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), so patients can book the right appointments for their referrals and receive the best experience. The ADT system enables RIVIAM to securely access patient and referral data and events seamlessly.

Innovation for customers

The Patient Portal also enables customers using multiple EPRs to provide their patients with a single, accessible and engaging experience to book and manage their appointments

Problems solved by RIVIAM

Patients in control of their appointments

Patients in control of their appointments

An easy to use, accessible portal for patients to manage their own appointments

Digital correspondence

Patients receive clinic letters in minutes not days

Digital correspondence

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