GPs and Primary Care Networks

RIVIAM provides GPs and Primary Care Networks with tools to enable interaction with service providers and each other about the care of patients

We understand the pressures you face and know that being in general practice means that you are time poor and need information quickly.

The last thing you need is another computer system.

Access provider services via a Service Directory

With RIVIAM's GP Portal, the signed-in user is able to see a set of available services for a selected patient. Providers who are registered customers of RIVIAM are then available to GPs. This creates a simple way of delivering easy access to services and for GPs to find out in real-time the status of information about a patient.

"I don't want to log into another system"

With RIVIAM's Desktop Connector application, GPs log into RIVIAM once to create a bond. From then on, whenever RIVIAM's Desktop Connector app detects that the user is logged into TPP SystmOne™ or EMIS Web, the user is automatically logged into RIVIAM. RIVIAM then tracks the selected patient always showing the right information.

Real-time access 24x7

RIVIAM also provides real-time access to GP patient data, based on agreed information sharing agreements. With TPP SystmOne™, RIVIAM's Desktop Connector app is installed on the gateway machine. This connector provides real-time access to and from RIVIAM - there is no need for a person to be in attendance.

RIVIAM GP Portal provides control for GPs

With RIVIAM, GP practices can control what information is shared with other health and social care providers.

RIVIAM enables Primary Care Networks to co-ordinate care

As GP practices work together in new ways, RIVIAM enables new models of care to be co-ordinated and managed. We do this through:

  1. Providing an interface across GP systems so data can securely flow for out-of-hours appointment booking and Improved Access.
  2. Citizen-focused easy to use digital services such as referral websites improving the patient's experience.
  3. Sending documents directly into GP systems. Currently, we support sending information to TPP SystmOne™ and EMIS Web.
“RIVIAM gives us a safe, digital and cost-saving solution without which our ability to deliver Improved Access for people of B&NES would have been much more difficult.” Dr Andrew Smith, BEMS+

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