We enable our customers to make better use of their resources, build on information within existing systems and work with others to deliver co-ordinated care


RIVIAM Digital Care is focused on helping improve the lives of people by delivering exceptional digital services to:

  1. People receiving care and their families; and
  2. Those providing health and social care services.

From a standing start a few years ago, today we manage information about thousands of patients every month and help to improve their lives.

Why do this

Our journey started in health care regulation, and then, through helping independent and NHS organisations launch new services, we realised how hard it is to deliver joined-up care with joined-up information. The obstacles put into place by existing computer systems mean that people are limited in how they can change the way they work. In our experience clinicians want to be with their patients and service users, they don't want the restriction that established technology provides.

What are we doing about it?

RIVIAM is our answer - a digital platform built with modern internet technologies that is able to work with existing computer systems whilst enabling new services to be delivered. We've invested a lot of time and money into integrating with NHS Digital services.

We are focused on service providers

Today we are focusing on supporting health and social care providers manage and deliver care. We look forward to extending our services to the voluntary sector so that more and more organisations can take part in delivering care.

Finally, our passion is using technology to improve peoples lives. We have already started to provide services that people use to provide and find information about their care.

Work for us

We are always looking for bright people to join us, based in Bath, and we provide an exciting and rewarding environment for you to grow.

Hope we can be part of your care journey,

Paul Targett
Managing Director, RIVIAM Digital Care

We want to hear from you

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