Raising a subject access request

27/06/2018 16:19

RIVIAM is a data processor for the sensitive information about people that it holds.

Under law, we are unable to provide people with information directly as we don't own your data - that's the role of the data processor (the company that is providing you with care).

If you would like to understand what information a health or social care provider holds about you, and who has accessed it, you need to contact that organisation. Under law, they have to allow you to request the information they hold about you and provide to you.

Under the recent GDPR regulation, you also have additional rights. You may be interested in the right to:

  1. Understand on what basis any automated decisions about you have been made; and
  2. Receive your data in a portable format that can be exchanged with other computer systems.

If you believe RIVIAM is holding information about you, please contact our support email and we will help you identify the right person to talk to in our customer's organisation.

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