How RIVIAM integrates with GP systems

RIVIAM is part of NHS Digital's GPSoC IM1 programme
How RIVIAM integrates with GP systems

Since 2013, RIVIAM has been part of the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) programme that enables third parties to interface with GP systems in England.

Part of the GPSoC Contract

GPSoC is a contract framework managed by NHS Digital that provides and centrally funds the GP systems used in England. The framework allows third parties to build systems that integrate with GP systems.

Committed to the cause

It has taken years in the programme with NHS Digital to be able to integrate with GP systems. RIVIAM can now integrate with TPP SystmOne in live and with EMIS Health. We are an accredited partner with EMIS Health which gives us access to their commercial APIs for solutions.

Transactional interfaces

RIVIAM has been approved to use the transactional interfaces with EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne™. This means we can get access to the full patient record and create data in real-time.

GP Portal

RIVIAM's GP Portal application allows:

  1. GP users to login automatically to RIVIAM.
  2. RIVIAM to track the selected patient in the GP system.
  3. Users to be presented with services available for the patient in RIVIAM.
  4. Access to real-time provider information about the patient.

Real-time updates

For both TPP SystmOne™ and EMIS Web, RIVIAM is able to access and update information about the patient without a local user being present. This means that RIVIAM can provide services like appointment booking and support new models of care where access to information and updating information is required.

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