GP Document Delivery service

We offer a range of services for delivering documents to GPs, providers and citizens

Every day RIVIAM sends documents digitally to GP systems in England.

We first implemented this service in 2016 to allow digital discharges directly from one of our community customers. Today, we offer the service as part of RIVIAM and it can be built into any RIVIAM service. It saves on the cost of post and removes the need for faxes, sending documents directly into GP systems. Currently, we support sending information to TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web.

Available as an API for systems providers

If you are a system supplier to a NHS contracted service, then RIVIAM can make its API available to your organisation to enable digital document delivery. A RESTFUL API also allows your application to send, and receive, status updates about documents sent to GP Systems.

Practically delivering Transfer of Care today

RIVIAM's document delivery service provides a practical, cost effective way of delivering discharge documents to meet the needs of NHS England's Transfer of Care initiative. Over the coming year we will be updating this service to support the CareConnect API.

What happens if you want to send documents but don't have a capable system?

RIVIAM can act as your document delivery system, providing you with a basic patient record and giving your users the ability to send documents to GP systems.

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