School Portal for increasing vaccination uptake

Improves communications with schools and enables targeted interventions
School Portal for increasing vaccination uptake

With RIVIAM's School Portal, schools can easily see where returns of eConsents for children's school-aged immunisations are low and follow up with specific parents to increase uptake of these important vaccinations.

Increasing uptake

It's easy for school users to update class cohort numbers on the portal and see a list of specific children whose eConsents have been returned.

RIVIAM also presents the percentage of returns versus the cohort number so it's clear which groups need some support and engagement to increase uptake.

Data matching provides insights

Coming soon, RIVIAM will enable data matching between student lists and returned eConsents so both school users and immunisation teams can see the details of who has responded and who hasn't.

School Portal Manage Cohorts Laptop

Managing lists and seeing returned eConsents using School Portal

Improving collaboration

Data about eConsent returns presented on the portal can be seen by both schools and their local immunisation provider teams.

This makes it easy for collaboration and improved communication.

“The School Portal enables a new level of collaboration between school's and local immunisation provider teams.

They can work together more easily to increase vaccination uptake and improve public health.”
Christine Targett, Operations Director, RIVIAM Digital Care

Aids planning

Useful documents about clinics can be uploaded.

With quick access to information about when clinics are taking place on the portal, and a list of the children who should attend, schools can plan ahead.

This saves time and improves school clinic management.

Secure sharing of student lists

Prior to using the School Portal, the only means of sharing school pupil lists with immunisation provider teams was via insecure email.

Now, schools can upload these lists securely and also use 'list templates' which they can populate with student names for data matching when eConsents are returned.

Easy to register and login

Registering with the School Portal is simple. School admin teams are invited to register using their email via the local immunisation provider.

Once registered, school users can then login using their email and two factor authentication or via their existing verified Google or Microsoft credentials.

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