Mobile community working

Provides clinicians working in the community with clinical data at their fingertips
Mobile community working

Clinicians need the right information at the right time in a patient's home. When they don't have access to this information, it's frustrating and embarrassing when they are with patients, potentially leading to delays in care and increased costs.

Enabling true mobile working was one of RIVIAM's first challenges. We have been providing RIVIAM's mobile community service to GPs and paramedics since 2014.

The mobile app gives clinicians on the move in the community the referral information and clinical data they need for patient appointments with automatic discharge to the referring GP practice.

Allocating appointments / consultations in real time

Using the service, referrals are received and allocated to clinicians. When a referral is assigned to a clinician, all of the referral information, clinical history and any additional forms are sent to the mobile app ready for the patient's appointment.

Automatically checking for appointments on the go

RIVIAM's mobile app is constantly checking for new information, so if a new referral comes in, it can be allocated to the clinician who will receive all the relevant information for the appointment on the mobile app. The clinician doesn't have to "synchronise" or login to the app. This is a major feature of the service as it saves the clinician time.

Screenshot 20180628 110445

Diary view within RIVIAM mobile app in Android

Clinician and hub always in sync

Clinicians access the consultation record on the go and any information they enter automatically updates RIVIAM - this means that the clinician and the hub are always in contact.

Clinicians outcome an appointment when they are finished visiting the patient and this triggers a series of tasks for RIVIAM.

Automatic discharge to referring GP practice

RIVIAM automatically sends a digital discharge notice to the referring GP practice. This information is tagged with the patient details in order to save the GP practice time when reviewing the discharge summary.

Allows clinicians to work offline

One of the biggest issues with mobile working is that it becomes problematic if the connection is lost. RIVIAM manages offline and online working automatically in the background.

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