Multi-agency working

RIVIAM Workflow enables organisations from multiple sectors to work together across the same patient record
Multi-agency working

Pathways for each partner

Each agency is set up with a pathway with steps and queues customised to meet its needs.

Real-time notifications

A user can choose to receive notifications when referrals are received in the pathway so they know when to log in for triage.

Security approach

RIVIAM's multi-agency approach is enabled by managing a user's access rights so they only have permission to access a group of pathways or services, the referrals managed within them and the relevant patient records.

Users from a third sector organisation might be granted access to a different group of services from the users of a healthcare provider, for example.

In this way, we protect patient data but still enable multiple organisations from different sectors to work together across the same patient record.

Controlling access

When users are created in RIVIAM, based on the organisation they work for or their team, they are granted permission to access a group of services or pathways.

If a referral moves out of the pathway into another where the user doesn't have permission to access it, they can no longer see the referral and the patient record.

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