One referral allocated to multiple services

Allows a pathway to outcome a referral to one or more services

RIVIAM helps manage the complexity of allocating referrals.

RIVIAM allows referrals to be allocated to a service line for its journey through a pathway. When a service centre team decides that the referral is to be allocated to a service team, the outcome section is used.

Allows one or more outcomes

RIVIAM allows a service team to allocate a referral to one or more service teams. Often referrals need to be managed and allocated to more than one service team. With RIVIAM, a new outcome is created for each service team with the ability to assign notes and information to each outcome.

Generating documents and letters

RIVIAM allows users to generate documents from pre-build Microsoft Word templates.

The user is able to select from a list of general and service line specific letters. Each letter is then generated and stored in the document library.

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