Delivers flexibility for different referrers

The Service Directory can be published on a portal or website or launched from within the clinical system
Delivers flexibility for different referrers

There are three options for launching the Service Directory:

  1. As a web service from a provider's own website
  2. From a RIVIAM Secure Portal
  3. Directly from within a clinical system, where some of the data in the referral form are pre-filled.

Available as a web service

For citizens and professional referrers using a website or Secure Portal, the Service Directory is available at a click of a button.

Launched via a clinical system

The directory can also be launched from within a clinical system such as TPP SystmOne™.

This enables GPs and internal team members using the clinical system to be able to select a patient, click into the Service Directory, search for services for the patient and send a referral which is then received in RIVIAM.

Service Directory Form Pre Filled V1 1 Final 7A Laptop 1

Data on the form is pre-filled

Data prefilled in the form

When the referral form is presented, patient demographic data and information about the referrer are pre-filled in the form, saving time.

The referral is saved in the clinical system

A copy of the referral is saved in the patient's record and can be downloaded as a PDF. RIVIAM also writes a note into the patient's journal.

Auto sign on to RIVIAM based on GP login

Once a GP or clinician using the clinical system has set up their account on RIVIAM, whenever they are logged into their system, RIVIAM will automatically login the user so they can access the Service Directory.

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