Presents services information

Clearly presents service information and enables digital referrals
Presents services information

The Service Directory is an attractive modern digital application.

Services are presented with a short description making it easy for referrers to select what they are looking for.

See service information

The information published for a service depends on the content configured by RIVIAM's customers using the Service Directory Manager tool.

Service information can include:

  • A longer description of the service
  • Key information highlighted on a noticeboard
  • Service criteria using a bullet point list
  • Additional documents which can be downloaded
  • Links to other resources
  • Location information
  • Who the service is provided by.

Don't know which service

If a referrer doesn't know which service is most appropriate, they can choose to complete an online questionnaire which is then received in RIVIAM and triaged by clinicians.

See the location map

RIVIAM presents the location in an easy to use Google Map.

Search for a service

The directory is responsive based on a user's search and will reveal the most relevant services.

Select a service and make a referral

Once a referrer chooses a service, they can see all the service information presented in a template, any sub-services and make a digital referral.

Service Directory Referral Form Final 4A Desktop

See information and make a referral for different services

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