Provides control over content published

Customers can publish their own content in the Service Directory using a manager tool
Provides control over content published

The Service Directory Manager is the tool for RIVIAM's customers to create and manage content that is displayed in the Service Directory.

This means our customers are in control of publishing the Service Directory and can update any content in real-time.

Create a service and related sub-services

Users create services and then follow a template to add information.

Services can be added to display in a hierarchy, for example a service such as Integrated Reablement might have sub services such as Planned Reablement.

Add a location for a service

It's easy to add a location for a service which is then displayed as a Google Map in the Service Directory.

Associate a referral form for a service

Services can be set up to provide access to information only, or to enable a digital referral by associating a service with an online referral form configured in RIVIAM.

Add content about a service

Easy to use content widgets enable the configuration of information for the service noticeboard, opening times and location.

Links to other websites can be added along with downloadable resources such as patient leaflets.

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