Secure Referral Portals

Allow referrers to provide and share sensitive referral information online
Secure Referral Portals

The secret to delivering a fast, effective referral service to service users is managing data, not paper. RIVIAM's Secure Referral Portals and websites support the paperless NHS agenda reducing workload and creating efficiencies.

They provide an interactive, engaging and simple way of collecting referral information from patients and professionals online and enable it to be securely delivered to service centres where clinicians can make decisions and assess patient needs more quickly.

Branded providing a great experience

The websites are designed and branded to match your needs and remove the need for sharing paper forms whilst also ensuring data completeness.

Referrals are received in real-time

Seconds after the referrer completes the referral, it appears in the RIVIAM Workflow service ready for processing.

Automatic acknowledgement of referrals

When RIVIAM receives a referral online, an email is automatically created that thanks the user for their referral and includes a reference number. This reference number can then be used in future correspondence.

Secure copy of a referral form

When a referrer receives the acknowledgement email they also get a link to allow them to download a PDF copy of the referral for their records. This PDF has a certain amount of security around it to stop it being forwarded or accessed in different locations.

Adding additional documents

Further documentation can be added and sent with referrals.

Real-time interaction

RIVIAM will be adding the capability for real-time secure interaction and engagement between referrers and providers via the portal.

This will enable referrers and citizens to share information with providers, make requests and receive status updates.

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