Manage and record contacts

RIVIAM will act as your contact management service, recognising the difference between the person receiving care and the contact submitting the case
Manage and record contacts

RIVIAM recognises the difference between the person contacting a service and the person it’s about. When a request for help is recorded, RIVIAM creates the contact and the relationships.

This means RIVIAM can support the following scenarios:

  1. The person making the request is also the person needing help
  2. A person contacting about someone else
  3. A person contacting about a different person
  4. A person contacting again about themselves.

Subscribe to a contact

It’s easy to track events, actions and warnings against a contact, and a user can subscribe to a contact to easily revisit the contact at a later time.

Most vulnerable people

People who are most vulnerable or those on the ‘shielding list’ can be uploaded into RIVIAM and flagged as urgent when a case is received about them.

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