Support for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

RIVIAM allows a file of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) people to be uploaded to RIVIAM as part of the UK Government's Covid-19 response

For each record in the CEV file, a case is created and attached to an existing person or a new person is created. A flag is added to indicate the person's status.

Pathway for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

All new cases processed from the list are placed into a pathway and queue ready for triage.

Case information is ready to view

The information provided by the person is available to view in a case details form. It's easy to see the person's phone number and all their preferences for support.

Updating Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

RIVIAM can also process an update file that automatically updates the list of people shielding on RIVIAM, adding new people onto the list and removing anyone who is no longer shielding or who has died. The person's status is updated on their patient record.

Changes to a person's preferences or address can also be changed automatically from the update file. All changes are recorded in the person's record so it's easy for RIVIAM users to see what's different.

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