Virgin Care delivers its childhood immunisations service in 3 counties using RIVIAM & will soon be using our complete referral management solution in BaNES

With our eConsent service, Virgin Care has gone paperless, transforming the efficiency of their vaccination service, improving outcomes & care whilst also removing costs.

RIVIAM has been working with Virgin Care since May 2018.

Referral management solution for BaNES Adult Community services

RIVIAM will soon enable referrals from professionals to most BaNES Adult Community and Wellbeing services to be sent digitally into the new Care Co-ordination Centre at Peasdown St John, just outside Bath. Here they will be managed online efficiently improving people's care.

With one click of a button, it will be simple and quick for professionals to securely send a referral to the hub from a website and portal powered by RIVIAM. GPs using TPP's SystmOne™ will have direct access to launch a digital referral directly from their desktop.

Currently, RIVIAM's Email Processing service means all emails and attached referral documents received by the hub are processed automatically into workflow queues helping the centre manage demand and work efficiently.

Digital immunisations in 3 counties

Virgin Care in BaNES, Wiltshire and Devon uses RIVIAM's Immunisations eConsent service to help improve delivery of their public health immunisation programme and the experience for everyone involved.

Virgin Care chose RIVIAM because of its comprehensive immunisations solution including eConsent forms, workflow and clinic scheduling tools, a mobile application for nurses and secure interfacing with the patient system so the patient’s record can be automatically updated.

Benefits to Virgin Care

Since autumn 2018, many hundreds of thousands of eConsents have been received and processed online for Flu, HPV, DTP and Meningitis vaccinations. This has transformed the efficiency and workflow of the immunisations service, improved outcomes and patient care whilst also removed costs. The money and time saved has been reinvested in improving the quality of the service provided.

We are currently working with the Virgin Care Immunisations team to develop a detailed case study which quantifies the benefits.

We know that RIVIAM:

  • Saves hundreds of thousands of pounds in annual staff costs from reducing the number of nurses and administrators required for triage.
  • Saves tens of thousands of pounds in paperwork and mileage costs.
  • Reduces clinical triage time by over 90% releasing capacity so teams can focus on providing a quality service.
  • Improves data security and reduces risks of missing consents.

You can read about the business benefits of our Digital Immunisations Consent service.

How RIVIAM's Digital Immunisations Consent service works

Schools now send parents and carers a customised link to a Virgin Care branded website and eConsent form powered by RIVIAM (see this form for an example). It’s a quick, convenient and safe way for parents to provide consent and share information or concerns using any mobile device. As soon as the consent form has been completed, they receive a confirmation email straight to their inbox.

The eConsents are instantly received in RIVIAM’s Workflow service enabling Virgin Care service centre users to make a rapid assessment of needs. A dashboard presents all the consents received. These are automatically filtered into queues depending on the work which is required, for example, those requiring triage, where consent has been declined, or where progress simply requires a quick demographic check.

It’s easy to see each child’s consent plus additional comments and record any tasks such as calls to parents which are logged in a timeline.

On the morning of an immunisation clinic, nurses print a spreadsheet of all the consents for the day so they are pre-armed with the information they need to provide a great service. RIVIAM then digitally updates the outcome of vaccinations from a clinic spreadsheet uploaded to RIVIAM directly into the child’s clinical record on TPP's SystmOne™.

This process will soon be replaced with RIVIAM’s mobile app enabling a real-time update of the clinic’s outcome in the patient record.

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