Challenges of integrated care

09/11/2020 12:59

In a virtual summit organised by our partner UK Cloud Health, we shared some interesting insights about how to provide integrated care across health, social care and the third sector, breaking down information silos to improve people's lives.

You can watch the webinar on demand now.

Challenges of integrated care with third sector

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Challenges of integrated care with third sector

Delivering new care models with integrated information is really difficult when information doesn’t easily and securely flow across different health and social care systems. Involving the third sector invariably means a reliance on phone and email introducing delays and inefficiencies.

We've learned a lot over the last 6 months from our work with the Community Wellbeing Hub in Bath and North East Somerset, where 12 organisations across different health and care sectors including the local authority are using RIVIAM Wellbeing to delivering multi-agency care.

  • We need to understand how to model and adhere to Information Sharing Agreements in place across different organisations in different sectors, many of which will have different levels of digital maturity.
  • People want their information shared in a respected way and the direct care model of consent is not applicable. Consent has to be managed in a far more granular way.
  • It's essential to ensure safe, real-time exchange of information across systems using RIVIAM as a 'digital bridge'.

Watch the webinar on demand now to hear more about RIVIAM and our insights.

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