Community Wellbeing Hub Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

07/07/2022 09:46

Community Wellbeing Hub Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Since April 2022, the Community Wellbeing Hub (CWH) in Bath and North East Somerset has been supporting Ukrainian refugees arriving in the area under the government Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Making a difference to the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

RIVIAM Digital Care provides the referral and triage management system at the CWH and has managed over 82 Homes for Ukraine Scheme referrals so far with more referrals expected as refugees arrive.

We’re really pleased that our software is making a difference to this important programme and to these people’s lives, helping them find a home in this country.

How RIVIAM is used

Using RIVIAM, council officers and healthcare professionals can create new referrals for Ukrainian refugees and their sponsors within minutes. This means that accommodation inspections and DBS checks can be arranged quickly across relevant teams with clear outcomes and requirements recorded.

Co-ordinating on RIVIAM

Teams can document on RIVIAM the advice offered as they signpost families on how to apply for school places, register with a GP, and access council services. Teams can also record actions on RIVIAM as they carry out post-arrival health and wellbeing checks and they can easily raise referrals for other third sector support services. There are 14 different agencies all working together at the CWH receiving and co-ordinating referrals via RIVIAM. It’s a great example of integrated care.

All of the interactions with families and the support offered are recorded using RIVIAM in timeline events and users with the right permissions can see the care provided so it makes it a lot easier to co-ordinate.

The CWH allows partnering organisations, Bath and North East Somerset Council, HCRG Care Group, and third sector partners to work collaboratively to ensure that the Homes for Ukraine scheme is safe, runs as smoothly as possible, and benefits all those involved.

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