Gathering patient outcome data with RIVIAM

05/03/2024 10:46

Gathering patient outcome data with RIVIAM

Patient outcomes are essential in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of care provision, guiding future interventions and decisions so care can be improved.

RIVIAM's outcome management tools are used 24/7 to capture patient or service user's feedback about our customer's care services.

The returned outcome data can be accessed securely by RIVIAM users either by viewing the patient and referral record or using a dashboard to see aggregated outcome data.

“This functionality helps us track change measures such as health and wellbeing, participants feelings around Active Travel and confidence levels. This enables us to understand the impacts of the intervention and helps the provider better evaluate their activities and demonstrate effectiveness.” Tim Rawlings, Project Manager, The Active Way


RIVIAM enables customers to capture high quality outcome data sets.

Quantitative and qualitative data can be gathered giving customers a deeper understanding of the person’s opinions, attitudes, behaviours, wellbeing and health - and how these change over time.

This enables customers to:

  • Identify trends, patterns and relationships in the data
  • Inform future decision-making
  • Track changes over time, providing valuable insights that enable improved
  • Better support patients who have multiple, complex needs
  • Capture and report on the value of service provision to patients.
“The Active Way is part of a national pilot programme and therefore we are part of a national evaluation. The outcomes functionality allows us to seamlessly feed into this evaluation. We hope that as a result of the ease in which we are able to collect responses, we can be a leading example of how systems and programmes like ours can be measured and compared more broadly.” Tim Rawlings, Project Manager, The Active Way

Advantages of using RIVIAM

For our customers, RIVIAM makes it easy to:

  1. Send outcome questionnaires by email or SMS to patients or service users based on the person’s communication preferences
  2. Design, brand and configure outcome questionnaires to match your exact requirements - RIVIAM enables Government Digital Service (GDS) standard format questionnaires to make form completion as easy, accessible and quick as possible
  3. Capture, view and report on data using dashboards and measure the effectiveness of care provision to assess impact and outcomes.

Outcome questionnaires

Customers can send outcome questionnaires to patients or service users to gain feedback following a single referral in RIVIAM, or where they have multiple referrals and complex needs.

Using RIVIAM's Forms Editor tool, it's quick and easy to configure a responsive, dynamic form. This includes validation and visibility of fields and smart look ups.

When a person receives a questionnaire, they are required to add their date of birth to validate they are the correct recipient.

Riviam Questionnaire Outcome Form

Example of an outcome questionnaire with customer branding

Running a campaign

Customers can determine when the patient or service user should receive an outcome questionnaire.

The forms can be automatically triggered when the referral is progressed to a particular step in the referral management workflow on RIVIAM, or based on an agreed timeframe or specific event.

Accessing the outcome data

The returned outcome data is captured and securely stored against the person’s care record in RIVIAM.

Customers can give their RIVIAM users various levels of access to enable them to review responses.

  • Authorised RIVIAM users can view the outcome questionnaires from within the person’s record. This is a read-only view.
  • For those with admin rights, a questionnaire dashboard provides a complete overview of the status of the outcome data - how many questionnaires have been sent, read, are in progress, completed or pending. It's easy to see lists and to filter returns by different views. For authorised analysts or researchers, the data can be downloaded from the dashboard as a JSON or CSV file for further analysis and insights.
Questionnaire Dashboard And Outcome Questionnaire List

Example of a questionnaire dashboard and list of returned outcome questionnaires

“The dashboard allows us to keep track of the number of completed surveys along with those in progress, not opened or those which may not have been delivered. This helps us not only report progress, but understand the effectiveness of the questionnaire itself, i.e. if the questions are appropriate, the survey is too long or not widely understood.” Tim Rawlings, Project Manager, The Active Way

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