Why project manager, Kate, thinks RIVIAM’s new Secure Video Service is so exciting

02/10/2019 15:45

Why project manager, Kate, thinks RIVIAM’s new Secure Video Service is so exciting

Last week I had the pleasure of showcasing our new video consultation service to a very happy customer in the primary healthcare sector. It's something we’ve been working on at RIVIAM that I am extremely proud of and will make a real difference to how NHS organisations can deliver patient care.

People want digital healthcare

We live in an increasingly digital world where people rely on technology as part of their everyday lives. Whether it’s to book a train, manage their online banking or keep in touch with friends on social media, people are expecting the same digital convenience from their healthcare providers. That, paired with long travel distances and busy schedules, are a few reasons why the Secure Video Service is so important.

Innovation for our customers

Primarily, the Secure Video Service provides an innovative way of customers delivering healthcare by giving patients the freedom to have a consultation away from their GP surgery or other clinical location, at a time and place convenient to them using any mobile device. There are lots of other use cases too, from supporting multi-disciplinary team meetings which save everyone time to enabling secure video consulations with prison inmates.

Uses RIVIAM's ability to connect with TPP SystmOne

Not only does the service provide a real-time video conferencing call between the clinician and patient, but it also integrates with the popular clinical system provided by TPP called SystmOne. The integration allows RIVIAM to access clinic diaries, read patient demographics and update the patient record with the appointment status. RIVIAM then keeps a secure copy of the video consultation for later access by the customer.

RIVIAM is uniquely positioned to offer the interoperability that we need in the NHS and I am really excited for the opportunity to help other health and social care customers improve people’s lives through digital video technology.

About Kate

Kate joined the RIVIAM team as Project Manager in March this year, during an exciting time of growth for the business. Prior to this, she has worked in IT consultancy for over five years and has a track record of managing complex projects for major healthcare institutions across the UK, including the University College London Hospitals and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trusts.

Kate loves to see a project through the full project life cycle from requirements gathering and planning, through to development, testing and go live. She takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and works closely with people to build strong interpersonal relationships. Her ultimate aim is to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions that bring measurable benefits to the customer.

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