Wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year

10/12/2020 17:57

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year

Thank you and Happy Christmas to our customers and everyone who works with RIVIAM.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and nonstop for the RIVIAM team but we’re happy and proud to see you using our platform and services to deliver outstanding integrated care, day in, day out across England. We have worked hard to enable you to adapt, change, connect and collaborate in new ways so you can respond to the pandemic, evolve care services and support people’s needs. Everyone expects digital transformation in the NHS will continue to accelerate in 2021 and we’ll be ready to help.

Happy Christmas. We wish you health and happiness this festive season and in the New Year.

Coco At Christmas

Coco, the latest member of the RIVIAM team, wishing you a merry Christmas

Projects this year where RIVIAM has made a difference to lives

🎄 In January, Virgin Care started using our Email Processing service in the new Care Co-ordination Centre (CCC) in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES). This is a key part of RIVIAM’s referral management and workflow system Virgin Care is adopting to create efficiencies for its adult community and wellbeing services. RIVIAM reads emails directly from an NHS account and automatically processes the email and any referrals attached into workflow queues so they can be quickly allocated. So far this year, we have processed over 7000 emails for the CCC.

🎄 GP federation Southampton Primary Care (SPC) is currently using our Secure Video service to enable clinicians visiting Care Homes to consult their colleagues at SPC’s hub about patient cases. The service, which connects directly with TPP SystmOne™, was used during lockdown to manage virtual patient consultations.

🎄 RIVIAM's Wellbeing social prescribing platform has been supporting the Covid-19 response in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES). Since March, almost 3000 cases and over 8000 calls for food parcels, medicines, advice and wellbeing have been managed by Virgin Care, BaNES 3SG, many third sector organisations and BaNES Council working together using RIVIAM in a Community Wellbeing Hub.

🎄 In November, RIVIAM Wellbeing was enhanced to support triage and care for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people in BaNES during lockdown 2 and to provide BaNES Council with business intelligence on the care provided.

🎄 This autumn, our immunisation customers - Somerset Partnership NHS Trust and Virgin Care in BaNES, Wiltshire, Swindon and Devon - started using RIVIAM’s Immunisations mobile app transforming the way nurses give children vaccinations. The new app adds to the 90% time savings on triage RIVIAM already provides vs the old paper-based system. Nurses can view all the clinical information and complete the child’s vaccination record on the app at the time of the session and it automatically updates TPP SystmOne™. From January to date, we have processed hundreds of thousands of eConsents for our customers and over 97,000 messages with TPP SystmOne™.

🎄 Throughout the year, RIVIAM has continued to focus on NHS Digital integration keeping our customers at the vanguard of what’s available. We’re delighted we’ll soon have a direct interface with GP Connect.

Fireworks Christmas 2020

Innovation next year

Looking forward to 2021

We have some great plans for innovation next year.

🎄 RIVIAM Wellbeing provides a fantastic opportunity to include the third sector in your new care models. The service will be enhanced to enable different health, social care and third sector organisations to work together in a federated model, setting and sharing tasks, recording outcomes and instant messaging each other about cases and patients. We’re also developing our consent model so individuals have more control over their personal information.

🎄 There will be a focus on dashboards and enabling better data analysis so that we deliver greater business intelligence for reporting and decision making.

🎄 We are keen to support the Covid-19 vaccination programme, and are liaising with NHS Digital about the development of our immunisations service to include direct appointment booking, email and SMS appointment invitations and notifications.

🎄 Working with Southampton Primary Care, our Secure Video service will be enhanced for video consultations for Care Homes. It will also soon enable clinicians to use SMS messaging for communications with patients and the ability to switch easily from SMS to a video consultation.

🎄 For several customers, we are developing more interactive referral websites adding a Citizen Portal to these so that professionals and individuals can easily and securely exchange information, questionnaires and notifications with staff in Single Points of Access.

So, there is much to do and deliver for you which we are excited about.

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