Wait list management

Manage wait lists and appointments using RIVIAM's platform

RIVIAM provides wait list management functionality so people waiting for care are provided with the best experience. Clinicians and admin staff access this securely via HSCN.

Managing your wait lists efficiently

The functionality includes the ability to:

  • Organise patients into queues based on the referral priority and how long they have been on the waiting list
  • Release booking slots so patients can book appointments using the Patient Portal
  • Select a group of patients to be notified of new appointments
  • Book an appointment on behalf of a patient.

Intelligent business rules

RIVIAM is configured with business rules that determine the correct treatment plan for a patient. These are configured to match a customer's requirements.

The intelligence in RIVIAM enables patients using the Patient Portal to:

  • Book multiple appointment slots at the same time for multiple referrals
  • Choose their preferred clinician or location when booking appointments
  • Cancel and re-book appointments where RIVIAM prescribes the options.

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