RIVIAM improves data reporting for customers using NHS Spine Mini Service

19/04/2022 12:25

RIVIAM improves data reporting for customers using NHS Spine Mini Service

RIVIAM's community healthcare and immunisation customers can now benefit from more efficient and higher quality outcome data reporting thanks to RIVIAM's integration with the NHS Spine Mini Service.

Easier and more robust reporting

The need for this is clear. Immunisation providers have a statutory requirement to report outcomes of school-aged vaccinations to the National Immunisation Vaccination System (NIVS) and to Child Health Information Systems (CHIS).

With RIVIAM, this is now a seamless digital process and customers have a high level of confidence in the data quality shared.

Use of the NHS Spine Mini Service

RIVIAM has been accredited to use the Spine Mini Service for some time, but recently we've been granted the ability to check or capture a patient's NHS number when an eConsent for a vaccination is initially submitted.

This increases the data quality captured through the complete confidence in the main patient identifier.

Once immunisations have taken place and the vaccination record is matched with the NHS number, RIVIAM holds an accurate patient record ready for sharing with other NHS systems.

“This is an important step forward in RIVIAM's ability to support integrated care in the NHS.

Now we can match against live patient demographic data, sharing outcome information on RIVIAM with other NHS systems is quicker, easier and more complete. ”
Mabel La Turner, Data Insights Manager

Another step forward

This is another step forward for our customers from having to use manual administration to fulfil statutory requirements, and frees up more professional time for better healthcare outcomes for people.

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