RIVIAM saves NHS time and money using NHS Spine Mini Service

27/10/2022 11:04

RIVIAM saves NHS time and money using NHS Spine Mini Service

In a previous post, we highlighted how RIVIAM's integration with the NHS Spine Mini Service enables our immunisation customers to improve the ease and quality of data reporting with other NHS systems.

Capturing and recording a patient's NHS number is essential for sharing immunisation outcomes.

Approximately 400,000 lookups using NHS Spine Mini Service in September 2022

In September 2022, RIVIAM performed 375,178 lookups of patient's NHS numbers using the NHS Spine Mini Service.

When an eConsent for a vaccination is submitted by a parent or carer, RIVIAM automatically matches against live patient demographic data capturing and adding a patient's NHS number to their record on RIVIAM.

Each lookup saves a member of NHS staff approximately 2 minutes because they no longer need to manually search for the patient's NHS number on a different system and add this data to the patient's record.

We expect a similar number of lookups during October 2022 and during the busy autumn/winter children's school-aged vaccination period.

Saving NHS money

This time saving equates to approximately £139K for a Band 3 team member (for September 2022).

It's a great example of how digital technology can deliver efficiency and productivity for the NHS enabling staff to focus on providing better care.

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