Robust mechanism for user identification

27/11/2018 12:05

RIVIAM manages secure login and authentication for its user communities.

Each user is uniquely identified by their email address and must provide their mobile phone number for second factor authentication.

The combination of the username, password and second factor authentication means RIVIAM provides a robust mechanism for user identification.


All users are presented with the RIVIAM login page that requires a user to provide:

  • 1) Username / email address.
  • 2) Password.
  • 3) 2nd factor authentication token.

All users are uniquely identified by their email address and this is used for the username of the user.

2nd factor authentication

After a user has provided a username and password they are asked to provide a second factor authentication. The second factor can be:

  • 1) SMS text message sent to the mobile phone registered against the user
  • 2) Soft token with the Google Authenticator TOTPS code

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