Integrates with TPP SystmOne™

RIVIAM directly integrates with the TPP SystmOne desktop application

RIVIAM is approved to integrate with TPP SystmOne™ using NHS Digital's GPSoC IM1 interface contract. We have a live API key.

How our Desktop Connector application works

Our Desktop Connector application is a windows program that is installed on the GP desktop and allows RIVIAM to track the selected patient. With this access, RIVIAM enables the following services:

  1. GPs don't need to login to RIVIAM all the time. When they are logged into TPP SystmOne™, RIVIAM automatically logs the user into RIVIAM.
  2. RIVIAM is able to access the full patient record via the desktop application, both coded and free text information.
  3. Updates to the patient record are performed in real-time, including adding coded data.

Works with the Gateway Machine

TPP SystmOne™ uses the concept of a gateway machine. This computer is used to perform tasks in a GP surgery that are always required to be on. RIVIAM uses this computer to provide 24x7 access to the GP record.

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